Effective Treatments for Vitiligo

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The cells of the lower level of the epidermis layer of the skin that produce colour are called melanocytes. When these cells stop working the most common trait of Vitiligo start to appear, those of the lighter coloured patches that can be found anywhere on the skin.

There are several treatments known in the treating of Vitiligo although it is said that there is no known cure for the condition. Melanocyte transplants are one of the known treatments said to relieve the symptoms of Vitiligo. Because melanocytes are the cells that produce colour, a transplant is thought to treat the condition by replacing the malfunctioning or dying cells. Although patients have claimed to regain colour where the white patches once were, they have also stated that later down the line the patches have started to reappear.

Another effective treatment of Vitiligo is that of ultraviolet light which involves using UVA and UVB ultraviolet light to help stimulate the melanocyte cells of the skin. This can be done by having the patient pass a certain amount of sessions on a high quality sun bed. This treatment is often used alongside the medication Psoralen which can either be taken in tablet form or applied as a lotion directly to the skin. This treatment has shown to have very effective results, given that Psoralen makes the skin much more sensitive to light and therefore darken under the use of a UVA sun bed.

But because of the awareness of skin cancer and the association of skin cancer with the use of sun beds, more and more Vitiligo patients are looking for a much more natural treatment. Some of these natural treatments include the use of vitamins and herbs and even changing dietary habits. The adoption of a healthy diet has always been a highly effective and positive starting point for the treatment of any ailment or health condition.

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